We have been on the market since 2001. Our membership in both relevant professional associations TREUHAND SUISSE and EXPERTsuisse as well as the approvals by RAB together with the permanent training of our employees guarantees you high-quality services.

Digitalization has been a reality for us since 2001 and not just a buzzword. Our accounting data has been in the cloud since the beginning – before this term even existed. For more than ten years, our processes have been largely paperless, standardized and based on an extended quality assurance system. Our customers have access to extensive, constantly updated and improved samples and templates. This means the wheel does not have to be reinvented each time.

Thanks to the language skills of our employees and our membership in the international network of leading fiduciary companies of INPACT von we are the right partner for cross-border cases.

We strive for a long-term partnership with our customers, employees and the authorities. The WIESER Treuhand Group sees itself as a fair partner that values open and committed interaction.

Stefan Wieser
Stefan WieserOwner and CEO

Stefan Wieser has founded the group in 2001. Before that he worked amongst other positions at PwC in Switzerland and abroad. Stefan Wieser has a degree as business economist HWV, a diploma as swiss certified public accountant, is certified VAT specialist and licensed audit expert. Stefan Wieser himself has extensive experience in any kind of finance, tax and administration. He is board member, manager and director of about two dozen companies and an experienced entrepreneur. Stefan Wieser personally takes care of demanding annual financial statement, every audit- and challenging consulting mandate. In his leisure Stefan Wieser is a passionate sailor, who races against other boats, organizes blue water cruises and has crossed the Atlantic several times. With his motorcycle he explores the countries along the silk road. Further, Stefan Wieser is a member of the old boys network “Die Nothensteiner“.

Boba Kaiser
Boba KaiserSenior Manager

Direct +41 (71) 394 03 16

Boba Kaiser is a valuable pillar of our team since 2004 and became manager in 2010. She did her apprenticeship at a fidcuciary company and has ever since worked in this field. Boba Kaiser is specialized in annual financial statements, payroll accounting, human resource management and tax returns for individuals and corporations. Boba Kaiser is married and mother of a son and a daughter. In her leisure she likes to read and swim.

Renate Kohler
Renate KohlerChartered Specialist in Accounting and Financial Management, Federal Diploma of Higher Education

Direct +41 (71) 394 03 17

Renate Kohler joined the team in 2014 and has been an authorized signatory since 2018. After an apprenticeship in a fiduciary, she gained professional experience in an SME fiduciary company and then at the Big Four companies Ernst & Young AG and KPMG. Renate Kohler supports her clients up to the closing of the annual financial statement and is a specialist in the areas of value added tax and taxes of natural persons. She has successfully completed her education with a degree as a Chartered Specialist in Accounting and Financial Management, Federal Diploma of Higher Education and has at the same time the title Bachelor Professional veb.ch in Accounting. In her free time, she enjoys sports and traveling.

David Hildbrand
David HildbrandMandate manager

Direct +41 (71) 394 03 18

David Hildbrand joined our team in 2022. He takes care of customers from the monthly accounting to the closing of the annual accounts. In October 2022 successfully completed the accounting clerk edupool.ch. In his spare time he likes to tinker with his computer or go snowboarding.

Fidan Mustafa
Fidan MustafaAdministrator

Direct +41 (71) 394 03 15

Fidan Mustafa joined our team in 2018. He supports the client managers with the monthly bookkeeping up to the closing of the annual accounts. In his free time, he enjoys playing football and going to the gym.

Damira Domina
Damira DominaAdministrator

Direct +41 (71) 394 03 14

Damira Domina is a part of our team since 2022. Her main tasks are keeping the accounts of our own companies and tax returns for individuals. In her free time, she enjoys doing sports, spending time with her loved ones and traveling also gives her great pleasure.

Yvonne Müller
Yvonne MüllerChartered Specialist in Accounting and Financial Management, Federal Diploma of Higher Education

Yvonne Müller returned to our team in 2023. We have already worked together successfully from 2007 to 2011. In 2016, she obtained the Federal Certificate in Finance and Accounting and is a licensed auditor. Yvonne Müller specializes in the preparation of financial statements for annual financial statements, the management of payroll accounting and tax returns for natural and legal persons. She is married and has two daughters. To compensate, she does sports in her free time.

Pascal Bütler
Pascal BütlerOwner and Board of Directors

Pascal Bütler has a degree in business administration and is a swiss certified public accountant and licensed audit expert. He has several years of experience in external auditing as a mandate manager for small and medium-sized companies. Pascal Bütler has in-depth knowledge of the preparation and auditing of financial statements in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations and IFRS. In his free time, he enjoys spending time in nature and the mountains.

Social commitment

We are engaged and characterized by persistence. We support among others since our foundation the aid organisation Coup de Pouce Vietnam. We know the volunteers of the association in Hanoi partly personally.


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