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Wait no longer with your taxes issues – We have custom-made solutions for you!

If your annual financial statements are already done and you have received your pay slip it’s too late for tax planning. Therefore consult us early. Together we figure out the legal boundaries concerning the tax burden of your company or yourself. Imagine: VAT has about 2’700 pages of text! We help you to asses the risks, so that you can get through an audit of the federal tax services without bad surprise.

We are tax representative of foreign companies in Switzerland as well as tax representative for the VAT of Swiss companies in Germany.

Just one example: Does your company have an approved expense regulation? Did you know that with it you can pay the expenses by your company without having your employees having it to pay income tax on it? We would like to tell you more about this topic.

Our services

  • Advice on every area of tax
  • Tax advice on your annual financial statements
  • Tax advice in due consideration of possibilities of form of enterprise and successor arrangements
  • Approval of expense regulations
  • Representation concerning tax services in cases of objections and appeals
  • Filling in of all regular or irregular tax declarations regarding confederation, canton and municipality
  • Refund applications
  • Tax calculation and expert’s reports particularly concerning decision making and restructuring

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Renate Kohler