Project Description

Shell companies

Sale of limited company (“AG”) and limited liability company (“GmbH”)

Shell companies possess no more assets. Therefore, they can be sold without mayor problems. Due to complex regulations and risks, experts (especially tax services) look at shell company trading with skepticism. The acquisition of a shell company can become soon too risky for an non-experienced buyer due to high risks and complexity. Numerous risks may appear only after years. The requirements of a buyer can in most cases fully be taken into consideration with the expertise of a reputable accounting company. Because we take care of the sold companies after sale in numerous cases, we prefer to solve any problems before the sale instead of burdening them to the purchaser.

Currently we can offer you the following companies:

  • arcon (suisse) ag (Date of incorporation: 05.01.1982, share capital CHF 200’000, price CHF 40’000 plus bank account of CHF 120’000; total CHF 160’000)
  • carfin partners ag (Date of incorporation: 25.09.2006, share capital CHF 100’000, price CHF 20’000 plus bank account of CHF 80’000; total CHF 100’000)
  • argumentum Suisse AG (Date of incorporation: 22.06.2017, share capital CHF 100’000, price CHF 40’000 plus bank account of CHF 100’000; total CHF 140’000) In particular, authorization of personnel leasing at home and abroad.
  • immolinea gmbh (Date of incorporation: 07.04.2021, share capital CHF 20’000, price CHF 5’000 plus bank account of CHF 15’000; total CHF 20’000)

For all companies Stefan Wieser is member of the board or manager and available as member of the board or manager after the sale. The members of the board or the managers are among other duties personally liable for social insurances.

Place of business (Neumarkt 2, St. Leonhard-Strasse 39, 9000 St. Gallen) can be retained at your wish (CHF 1’100 per year).

Framework for all companies offered by us:

  • Fully paid in equity
  • Company has assets and bank account with adequate liquidity
  • All companies have actives and a minimum of operational activity and are therefore not considered as fully liquidated shell companies by commercial law. In some cases different rules apply for tax purpose.
  • Company established or served by us before sale
  • No risks (especially social security, direct taxes and VAT)
  • Balance sheet with assets and liabilities at the time of purchase is part of the purchase agreement
  • Transaction within 24h possible
  • Reasonable price
  • Confidentiality
  • Numerous companies available
  • Post-sale service through us welcome

How do you recognize a reputable seller of companies?

  • The name of the company and the excerpt from the commerical register must be disclosed
  • Fully paid in equity
  • Company has assets and a bank account with adequate liquidity
  • No loans to shareholder or related parties
  • The seller is the owner of the company and not merely an intermediary. Special care should be taken with intermediaries, especially if the relevant persons are not registered in the commercial register.
  • Seller is registered in the commercial register with the selling company and the company for sale. He is therefore authorized to sign for both companies and thus personally liable for any social security.
  • The seller is prepared to remain registered in the commercial register after the sale of the company

Loans to shareholders are limited by commercial law and can result in heavy tax burden.

Your contact person

Stefan Wieser
Owner and CEO